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For every ordinary pilgrim, Piatra Neamt, the residence city of the Neamt district, represents indeed an “urban island” in the mountains. In the natural amphitheatre formed at 310 m altitude by the Cozia, Pietricica, Batca Doamnei and Cemegura hills, one may find important historical and art monuments. The three Dacian fortresses, dating the first century BC and the first century AD, that were discovered during the archaeological works at Batca Doamnei, Cozia and Horodistea, were associated with the ancient town named Petrodava, town that was mentioned in Ptolemeu’s writings as well. In other words, it may be considered that the town existed even 2000 yeas ago. In a document dating Alxandru cel Bun’s reign, Petrodava appears under the name of “Piatra lui Craciun”. Soon after that, the town was chosen by Stefan the Great to be a strategical point. In 1841, the educated man Gheorghe Asachi established the first Moldavian “paper mill” at Piatra Neamt and in 1872, Petrache Liciu founded the first theatre in that area.

Royal Spa
Piatra Neamț, Neamț County, Romania 2.42 mi
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